Home Learing Center

  • A Home Learning Center is designed to make the home a place for continual learning. Home materials are used and saved for creating and extending activities. The goal is to compliment the child's classroom learning experiences. We want to develop and establish a partnership between the parent/child and the teacher/instructional assistant. We want parents to share ideas for future activities and recipes, as well as volunteer in to support the classroom and school.


Construction Zone Recipe

  • Theme: Construction Zone

    Title: Let’s Make A Building!

    Why?: The child will identify and discuss attributes and uses of 3D shapes and recycled material.

    What?: Cereal/food box, toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, water bottles, construction paper/magazines/newspapers cut into different shapes, glue, scissors, crayons, any other recycled material

    How?: Provide the child with materials. Explain that together you will be constructing a building by gluing recycled material onto a cereal/food box and decorating it like a house, store, or building.

    Start by covering or coloring your box. As the child chooses items to add to their box, ask them to identify the shapes they are using and what they are using it for (for example a rectangle for a door, water bottle for a window, etc.) Help them identify shapes they are unsure of. Also discuss the attributes of each shape, such as how many sides the shape has or if it is round or not.

    What else?: To extend this activity or provide more of a challenge , ask the child to look around the house for different objects or cut out the shapes they are going to use. You may also choose to construct more buildings to create an entire neighborhood.

    DTB #1: Before starting an activity, explain what you are going to do.

    DTB #2: Before starting an activity, give your child time to familiarize themselves with the materials.

    DTB #4: Ask questions which have more than one correct answer.


    Created By: Ms. Patillo, Mary Scott Regional Preschool Center