• At RCHS, students are given numerous opportunities to get involved, support the school, and participate in activities that will develop them into productive, well-rounded individuals. Some of the clubs to which Richmond Community’s students belong are listed below with a brief description.

    1. Debate Team The RCHS Debate Team provides students opportunities to hone their research skills; to practice developing sound arguments; to expand their minds by increasing their understanding of multiple sides of important issues; to collaborate with peers and meet students from other schools; to speak in front of an audience and think on their feet. (Link to Google Meet)
    2. Drama Club The RCHS Drama Club provides students with opportunities to explore the world of acting, performing, production and everything behind the scenes. This club is open to anyone interested in theatre, both on and off the stage. We are committed to helping students learn about the Theatre in a fun and interactive manner. We do fun activities such as a haunted house for Halloween, Bardathon (Shakespeare showcase) or a talent show where students can express their love for performance. Many of our members participate in the Fall play and Spring musical. We have done shows such as Once on this Island, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, and Little Shop of Horrors. (Link to Google Meet)
    3. Electronic Sports Club The Electronic Sports Club is designed to give students an outlet to stressors from the rigors of their classes. It is a gaming engine that students can go on to participate in competitive sporting games and/or activities of many different sorts against each other in the club or with others across the globe. It includes a wide variety of sports. (Link to Google Meet)
    4. Enviro Club The Enviro Club mission is to become better stewards of the environment through education, outreach, and action. Club activities include community-service projects, trips, and educational experiences. (Link to Google Meet)
    5. Exploration in Medicine Club This club will serve as a space to investigate and discuss a wide range of topics in medicine, including the history of medical advancements, cutting edge treatments, social and political influences, careers in medicine, guest speakers, and anything else your inquiring mind wants to explore. This club is intended for anyone interested in a career in medicine, the life sciences, and any other connected fields such as politics! (Link to Google Meet)
    6. Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Chapter at Richmond Community High School recognizes and rewards students for excellence in a broad range of business and career-related areas. FBLA is the largest student organization in the school with over 50 percent of the student body participating in FBLA activities. Each year the RCHS Chapter organizes and participates in numerous events including national, regional and local competitive and leadership events; fundraisers; field trips, food drives, community service activities, and much more. (Link to Google Meet)
    7. Key Club The RCHS Key Club is a service organization and is open to all students at RCHS. The RCHS Key Club a student-led organization with a goal of teaching leadership through serving others. The Key Club is a part of the Kiwanis International family of service-leadership programs. (Link to Google Meet)
    8. PRISM Prism is an alliance between lgbt+, questioning, and ally students to promote an inclusive school community. We will focus on community-building and educational discussions. (Link to Google Meet)
    9. Robotics Club **description forthcoming! (Link to Google Meet) (Invitation to Classroom)
    10. Roundtable Club Our club focuses on playing tabletop roleplaying games such as 5E D&D. Our current aim is to play short, one-off games that we can finish during one of our monthly after school meetings. This allows for more schedule flexibility and chances for members to try their hand both at playing as characters and running their own game. This is a great chance to exercise your creativity, leadership, teamwork and just blow off some steam. Whether you have experience or are completely new to the world of RPGs, all are welcome! (Link to Google Meet)
    11. YA Book Club The purpose of the RCHS YA Book Club is to foster a love of reading, and share and discuss what we are reading with others, in a casual and nurturing atmosphere. The program is open to all RCHS students and staff members. (Link to Google Meet)
    12. Yearbook Club The RCHS Yearbook Club has the primary goal of publishing a chronicle of the school year by producing “RICHES” the school’s annual yearbook. The yearbook staff is responsible for developing a yearbook theme, options for applying the theme, layout of the yearbook, photo content and composition, headlines and captions, page design and a marketing plan for the sale and distribution of the yearbooks. Involvement in the yearbook club offers students the opportunity to gain life skills, assume responsibilities and have great fun all at the same time. Participation is open to any student who has an interest.