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  • RPS Direct Update - May 28, 2020

    Dear #RPSStrong Family, Before diving into today's updates, I want to acknowledge the additional pain that is coursing through our community right now as a result of George Floyd's harrowing death at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer. The similarity to the Eric Garner case, down to both men's cries – "I can't breath" – is chilling, to say the very least. Nearly 35% of RPS students are African-American young men. The America that they will experience over the course of their lives is fraught with racist prejudices – held consciously or not – that dehumanize them and make deaths like Mr. Floyd's not just possible, but common. We must change that. Our responsibility as educators is so much more than just teaching reading and math. It's about preparing our young people with the knowledge, skills, and social capital they'll need to construct a better, more just world – and doing whatever we can as adults to pave the way for them. Towards that end, I'd like to make a request of my fellow white members of the RPS community: If you haven't already done so, please discuss Mr. Floyd's death – and the long history of racialized violence that precedes it – with your children. Yes, it may be difficult. But families of color don't have much choice when it comes to "the talk" – it's literally a matter of life and death for them. For the entire RPS Family, here's a set of resources for talking with young people about race, racism, and racialized violence from the Center for Racial Justice in Education. Finally, to everyone who is processing this tragedy with great pain, please know that your RPS family stands with you – and always will. With great appreciation, Jason

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  • RPS Direct Update - May 27, 2020 (PM)

    Dear #RPSStrong Family, Please join me at 7 pm tonight for the latest episode of RPS Live! I'll be interviewing several of our 2020 Valedictorians. "See" you soon on our Facebook page! Today's Updates: Senior Spotlights – Over the next month, please join us as we celebrate the Class of 2020 on our social media platforms. Starting tomorrow at 7:50 am (the normal start time of the high school day) and 2:45 pm (the normal dismissal time), we'll post a Senior Spotlight highlighting one of the top 5 seniors from each of our high schools. Please join the celebration by liking and sharing the posts, and offering words of congratulations to these amazing seniors! Click above to read more!

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  • RPS Direct Update - May 27, 2020 (AM)

    Dear #RPSStrong Family, We recently learned that an RPS employee who was present at multiple events at Mary Munford Elementary School over the last two weeks has tested positive for COVID-19. The employee was asymptomatic at the time and is currently in isolation at home, per CDC guidelines. For health privacy reasons, we cannot release the name of the staff member, but please keep this individual and their family in your thoughts and prayers.

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  • RPS Direct Update - May 26, 2020

    Dear #RPSStrong Family, I hope you all had a peaceful Memorial Day Weekend. I was blessed to spend some quality time with my family, including bike rides, impromptu backyard "tennis" matches (I've yet to win), and a couple of movie nights! Today's Updates: Computer Distribution – This coming Thursday and Friday are the distribution days for preschool students. See below for all the details. RPSLive! – Several of our 2020 Valedictorians will be joining me tomorrow. Make sure to check it out at 7 pm on our Facebook page!

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  • RPS Direct Update - May 22, 2020

    Dear #RPSStrong Family, As Memorial Day approaches, let's take a moment to remember those who gave their lives to defend our country – over 2.8 million since our founding. We are eternally in their debt. Let us honor their memory by striving every day to create a more perfect union, one that ensures true freedom – political, economic, and social – for all. Click above to read more.

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  • RPS Direct Update - May 21, 2020

    Dear #RPSStrong Family, Thank you to everyone who tuned in last night for our third episode of RPS Live! Our featured guests were Carmen Brown, a 5th grade teacher at Henry L. Marsh III Elementary, and Dr. Tracy Epp, our Chief Academic Officer. We had a great discussion about teaching and learning, with a focus on the two curricula up for adoption, Eureka Math and EL Education. Check it out!

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  • RPS Direct Update - May 20, 2020

    Dear #RPSStrong Family, I'm thrilled to officially introduce our 2020 Valedictorians and Salutatorians! Please join me in congratulating these 16 extraordinary RPS students. To our Valedictorians and Salutatorians: We're so proud of you and so inspired by your dedication and perseverance. We know this wasn't the senior year you had hoped for, but please don't let the pandemic diminish your sense of accomplishment. It certainly hasn't lessened the joy we feel from celebrating you. We love you and will always be here for you. Now go change the world! Click above to read more.

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  • RPS Direct Update - May 19, 2020

    Dear #RPSStrong Family, On behalf of RPS, I want to thank the School Board for adopting the budget last night, with a special note of gratitude to our Board Leadership, Chair Linda Owen and Vice-Chair Cheryl Burke. This process is never easy, as there's always less money than our students and teachers deserve. And this year was particularly challenging, as the revenue picture changed suddenly due to the coronavirus. Though RPS isn't receiving as much of an increase as we had originally hoped for, we're still up – in no small part due to the leadership of Governor Northam and Mayor Stoney. Very few school districts around the country are in such a position. We're extremely blessed to able to provide a raise, hire more staff, and launch new programming next year. Specifically, as of last night, the following enhancements are official!

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