Department Overview


    Welcome to Richmond Public Schools' Office of Assessment Literacy and Research. The functional areas of responsibility are:

    • Program Accountability, Review, Monitoring, and Evaluation
    • Applied Research 
    • Research Reviews
    • Research & Evaluation Technical Assistance
    • Research Data Management and Reporting
    • Collaborative Research and Evaluation Projects

    Assessment Literacy & Research Mission                 

    The mission of the Office of Assessment Literacy and Research is to provide research and evaluation services to the school division to ensure that instructional programs are:

    • Equitable, efficient, and effective in meeting the needs of the individuals served
    • Benefit the individuals or groups for whom they were designed
    • Contribute to the achievement of RPS strategic goals and performance expectations

    We will accomplish this mission through collaborative, utilization-focused approaches to program accountability that focuses on continual improvement and data-driven decision-making.

                                                                                 Word literacy



Contact Information


    Dr. Deanna Summerous

    301 N. Ninth Street, 14th Floor (Testing & Data Systems)

    Richmond, Virginia  23219

    Tele:  804.354.1133