Department Overview

  • The Hearing Office coordinates and enforces the school division’s efforts to maintain safe, healthy learning environments in each of its schools. It is also the mission of the Hearing Office to assist in an effort to ensure that education is provided in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, free of disruption and threat to person or property, and supportive of individual’s rights.

    The office implements School Board policy and the Student Code of Responsible Ethics (SCORE) through the accomplishment of the following goals: 

    • Assists schools with providing a safe environment that is conducive to learning and free from disruptions.
    • Provide training that addresses the implementation of the SCORE
    • Ensures the establishment of guidelines for student conduct that are acceptable and appropriate within the school environment.
    • Ensures that the SCORE and the disciplinary process and procedures are managed effectively, consistently, efficiently, and legally as set forth in School Board policies

    The Hearing Office is responsible for conducting and implementing:

    • Student Discipline Panel Hearings
    • School Board Student Discipline Committee Hearings
    • Alternative Placements
    • Recommendations for Expulsion
    • Short-term Suspensions Greater than 5 days
    • Long-term Suspensions
    • Suspension Appeals
    • Readmission Conferences
    • Discipline Training
    • Discipline, Crime and Violence Report (DCV Report)
    • Student Code of Responsible Ethics S.C.O.R.E

Contact Information

  • Robin Dalton

    Robin Dalton, Ph.D.

    Hearing Office
    119 W. Leigh Street, 3rd Floor
    Richmond VA, 23220
    Phone: 804.780.7808
    Fax: 804.698.3858

    Please send all inquiries to: