• Mission

    The mission of the Office of Communications & Media Relations (OCMR) is to communicate the district's goals, objectives and successes to both internal and external stakeholders - including employees, students, parents, civic organizations and area businesses - through a comprehensive, multi-tiered public relations / marketing program.

    What We Do

    The OCMR communicates to both internal and external audiences about broad-ranging issues and events involving Richmond Public Schools. The Office manages the central media relations, marketing and television production operations for Richmond Public Schools.

    The Office:

    • produces and distributes publications that showcase RPS students, staff, administration and partners;
    • develops and produces television programming highlighting RPS students, staff, and partners;
    • produces editorial, video, and visuals for the district's website;
    • organizes special events for RPS;
    • promotes print, radio and television coverage of RPS news and activities; and
    • provides crisis communications.

District News

Contact Information

  • customer Service Communications & Media Relations
    301 North Ninth Street
    14th Floor
    Richmond, VA 23219
    Phone: 804.780.7100
    Fax: 804.780.6988

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