Department Overview

  • We help newcomers determine which schools are in their attendance zone, inform parents of the documents needed to register a child, and arrange homebound instruction for students with medical issues. The Pupil Placement Services Manager also participates in Best Interest Determinations or (B.I.D.) meetings for foster care placements of students entering or leaving RPS along with re-enrollment meetings and placement of students who return to RPS from incarceration. 

    The areas of responsibilities of this office are:

    • Pupil Placement Services
    • Open Enrollment
    • Homebound/Home-based Instruction
    • School division Liaison for Best Interest Determination meetings (B.I.D.)
    • Re-enrollment Coordinator
    • Student Code of Conduct

Contact Information

  • Pupil Placement Services
    119 W. Leigh Street, 3rd Floor
    Richmond VA, 23220
    Phone: 804.780.7811