Head Start Program Overview

  • Head Start is a national, federally funded program that provides comprehensive services to low-income pre-school children and their families by giving them an opportunity to experience quality, comprehensive child development services.


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    The mission of the Richmond Public Schools Early Head Start/Head Start Program is to provide high quality comprehensive services to low-income pregnant moms, infants and toddlers, and preschool children and their families.


    Children will receive a developmentally appropriate experience that will make a difference in their academic achievement in school. Additionally, we will enhance family self-sufficiency and encourage development of the family unit to achieve their fullest potential

    Ms. Kara Arceneaux, Manager


              Early Childhood Development

    • Through play and structured activities, children increase their skills in communication, math and problem solving. They express themselves through art and movement, as they expand their physical abilities. The High Scope COR Assessment instrument is used to measure child outcomes. Children are helped to gain the skills and confidence to succeed today and in the future; not just in school, but in life. For more information contact the Child Development Specialists.
      Contact: Trena Johnson-Parham or Natalie Mead
    • Health Services
      A vital part to any child's wellbeing is growing up healthy. Early Head Start/Head Start ensures the provision of medical and dental care, as well as nutritious meals. Attention is also paid to the child's mental health. Parents are linked with an ongoing source of medical and dental care providers to assure that children remain healthy after leaving the program. For more information contact the Health Specialists.
      Contact: Cathy Stith or Tammie Thompson 
    • Mental Health/Disabilities Services
      Mental health wellness is promoted, services are provided to children, parents, and staff. Understanding a child's behavior and development helps parents and staff respond in a manner more likely to enhance the child's development. Early Head Start/Head Start believes early intervention makes it possible for children with special needs to be identified and their individual educational needs met. Each child is screened in the areas of vision, speech and language, developmental and hearing skills, motor skills, and social and emotional development. Information is provided on how to strengthen nurturing, supportive environments, and relationships in the home and in the classroom. For more information, contact the Developmental Support Specialist.
      Contact: Lee Doxey

    • Family and Community Engagement
      A child's first and most important teacher is the parent. Early Head Start/Head Start involves parents in all aspects of the program. In addition to volunteering in the classroom, parents are given home activities to supplement their child's learning. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in the decision-making process of the program. Families receive support as they identify and meet their own goals, nurture the development of their children, and advocate for communities that are supportive of children and families of all cultures. For more information contact the Family & Community Specialists.
      Contact:Kamala Allen

    • Program Management and Operations
      Program services are provided by highly qualified staff. Adequate and appropriate facilities, materials and equipment support Head Start's quality comprehensive services. A formal structure of program governance provides parents and other community representatives with authority and opportunity to participate in shared decision-making concerning program design and implementation. For more information contact the Early Head Start/Head Start Manager.
      Contact: Kara Arceneaux

Contact Information

  • Early Head Start / Head Start Program
    A V Norrell Elementary School
    2120 Fendall Avenue
    Richmond, Virginia 23222-4343
    Phone: 804-780-7794
    Fax: 804-780-4481