Public Information Period

  • What is Public Information Period?

    The Richmond City School Board is responsible by law for the development, review, revision and adoption of division-wide policies to guide the operation of Richmond Public Schools. The School Board believes that public awareness of the policy making process is highly desirable and that consideration should be given to the views of teachers, parents and other concerned citizens in the development and implementation of school division policies.

    Public Information Period microphone

    The School Board welcomes citizen input and participation in matters concerning the operation of the school division. The "public information" segment of the agenda at regular meetings, not to exceed 30 minutes, is allotted for the hearing of citizens concerning the services, policies and affairs of the City of Richmond Public Schools. Each citizen desiring to comment on any matter concerning such services, policies and affairs shall be allotted such time within the thirty-minute period as determined and allotted by the presiding officer. Each citizen will receive up to three (3) minutes to speak. The Chair may allow up to five (5) minutes for citizens representing organizations.

    Every citizen desiring to comment on matters before the Board as herein specified shall, no later than 12:00 noon on the last business day before the meeting at which such citizen desires to be heard, request the board clerk for an allotment of time. In the event that time remains during the public information session, the Board may allow citizens who have not made a request an opportunity to be heard.

    To speak during the Public Information Period, please visit the Guidelines for Citizen Participation page and complete the Request to Speak Public Information Period form.