Program Accountability, Review, Monitoring, and Evaluation (PARME)

  • In order to ensure that all programs are equitable, efficient, and effective in meeting the needs of the individuals served, that they benefit the individuals and groups for whom they were designed, and that they contribute to the achievement of strategic goals and performance expectations of Richmond Public Schools, we provide evaluations of selected programs on a cyclical basis: This service includes:

    • Developing processes and schedules for evaluation instructional programs.
    • Analyzing components of programs to be evaluated.
    • Consulting with program managers and stakeholders to develop measurable objectives.
    • Creating, adapting, selecting, preparing, and administering instruments to measure behaviors addressed in program objectives.
    • Performing statistical analysis, preparing formative and summative reports, and making recommendations for program improvements based on results of data analysis.
    • Presenting results of evaluations to stakeholders.