Research Reviews

  • Research Summaries

     Staff in the Office of Assessment Literacy and Research summarize findings of recent research in order to inform administrators and decision-makers about current best practices. This service includes:

    • Defining research topics and issues.
    • Conducting literature searches using library resources and online data bases.
    • Producing and disseminating research summaries in a variety of formats (i.e., written reports, annotated bibliographies, PowerPoint™ presentations). 


    Research Project Reviews

    The purpose of all external research/evaluation projects, whether conducted as part of a doctoral student’s dissertation research or by university researchers/research organizations, is to support Richmond Public Schools in its efforts to educate students. The Office of Assessment Literacy and Research is charged with managing the review of requests from external researchers to conduct studies in the division. All such requests must be submitted for review and all applicants must sign a research contract. Submissions containing factual, grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors will not be accepted for review.  Required signatures must accompany the packet.

    Applications to conduct studies/administer surveys are reviewed twice per year. Review deadlines are December 1 and June 1 of each school year.  Applications must be received by the review deadline or the application will be held for review at the next deadline. To allow adequate time for review, researchers should submit applications at least one semester before the projected implementation date. Researchers should not contact schools, principals, or teachers before submitting a project and receiving notification of its approval from this office.

    Approval of proposals will be granted or denied on the basis of the utility, feasibility, propriety, and accuracy standards of the American Evaluation Association and the following criteria:

    • Alignment with the strategic plan and academic improvement plan goals and objectives of Richmond Public Schools, the purpose of external research as stated above, the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and the requirements for conducting research in the division.
    • Relevance to the instructional program of the division.
    • Expected benefits to students, staff, and the division.
    • Quality of the research.
    • Resources required of staff, students, and the division.
    • Potential for informing division practices, advancing teaching and learning, and positively impacting the educational experiences of individual students.

    For questions concerning acceptable research topics, refer to the External Research and Evaluation Project Materials (see link below) or contact the Office of Assessment Literacy and Research at (804)780-7886. 

    Download a copy of the policy and procedures for conducting research ( to include the research application, research contract, and informed consent templates which MUST be used to submit a formal application for review): The External Research Project Application can be found under Documents and Forms.