• caredox CareDox is a care coordination platform for parents and schools which automates and streamlines information collection and access to improve child safety.

    Health Info Made Simple
    Easy to use system for parents and schools to manage and share medical information.
    No More Paper Forms
    Store and access children's health records digitally, share with schools, and daycares.
    Healthy Insights
    Health recommendations that are relevant for your family. Reports to ensure child safety. 

    Richmond Public Schools is adopting CareDox as a tool for parents to provide your families medical information to the school for enrollment.  All information is stored and used in a HIPAA and FERPA compliant means. You will be emailed an invitation which allows you to create a CareDox account and fill out all your information online using a computer or mobile device.  This information is stored securely and privately in CareDox and automatically sent to the School for review.  If anything changes throughout the year medically, you can log back into CareDox to let us know about it.  The benefits of this system include:

    Streamlined medical information sending, no more paper mail, faxing, or phone calls.
    Fill your child’s health profile out once and reuse it each year, ensuring its always up-to-date
    Piece of mind that the school is fully aware of all medical conditions your child has, and you have a means to communicate with the health department
    Richmond Public School’s top priority is student safety and CareDox helps us ensure an efficient, streamlined means of coordinated the care of your child. 

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