Student Injuries, Non-Employee Injuries and Property Damage

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    All accidents involving non-employees should be reported on the RPS Incident Form. 

    The form should be used to report an accident or loss involving damages to any personal property or bodily injury for volunteers, or non-employees.

    All forms should be sent to Risk Management or faxed to 780-8279 within 48 hours of the incident.



    Student Injuries, Non-Employee Injuries and Property Damage

    • An incident report form should always be completed whenever a non-employee  is hurt on school grounds or their damage or theft of property.
    • The incident report should provide as much detail as possible surrounding the incident and witness statements should be taken whenever possible.
    • Schools should keep a record of all incident reports on file in case there is any question of what happened regarding the incident.
    • All non-employee or property damage incident reports should be faxed to Risk Management within 48 hours (Fax-780-8279)



    Incident Report