English and Language Arts

  • The following vision, mission and values were developed collaboratively by the Literacy Advisory Council. This team is currently made up of teachers and administrators with the goal of improving literacy outcomes for students across the district. 


    The Richmond Public School’s Department of English and Language Arts is dedicated to fostering a lifelong love of literature and language, as well as ensuring every student within RPS has the resources and opportunities to live as empowered, productive, and highly literate citizens.


    The Richmond Public School’s Department of English and Language Arts believes that teachers and schools play an integral role in leading students on their journey to become empowered, productive, and highly literate citizens. As a result of receiving high quality Reading, English and Language Arts instruction from kindergarten through twelfth grade, RPS students will graduate understanding how to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, collaborate within diverse teams, read and comprehend a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts, and think critically and reflectively about the themselves, their communities and their world.


    In order to fully realize our vision and mission, Richmond Public Schools Department of English and Language Arts believes in

    • Creating evidence based, high quality curriculum and instruction that is meaningful, authentic, integrated and engaging driven by student inquiry and higher order thinking
    • Integrating reading, writing, communication and research across the curriculum
    • Infusing diverse, complex, contemporary texts that expose children to a variety of perspectives and experiences in order to develop and nurture empathy
    • Collaborating vertically and horizontally across all content areas to ensure full alignment
    • Building meaningful relationships and setting high expectations for all students

Contact Information

  • English and Language Arts
    Department of Curriculum and Instruction
    301 North Ninth Street
    12th Floor
    Richmond, VA 23219

    Teresa Cole, M.Ed.
    K-12 Instructional Specialist
    Phone: 804.780.7776
    Fax: 804.648.6075

    Dawn James-Cappiello
    K-5 Instructional Specialist

    Federal Program - Title I Support

    Janice Stilwell
    Instructional Specialist, Elementary Reading

    Gueringe Richardson
    Instructional Specialist, Secondary Reading