Technology Resources

  • Technology Resources, as a part of the Department of Instruction, provides direction, professional development, and support for division wide instructional technology initiatives.

    Such initiatives include United Streaming, computer-based classes and assessment, myAccess, and Internet Safety. Technology Resources also provides training, training materials, and central support to the school-based Instructional Technology Resource Teachers (ITRTs). ITRTs model and provide teachers the support they need to successfully implement instructional technology initiatives at the school and to effectively use technology to engage students in the learning process.

    Technology Resources also supports in the writing and revising of RPS Curriculum, as well as in providing that curriculum electronically for RPS teachers.


    The goal of Technology Resources is to support teachers and students in acquiring 21st century skills and using available digital resources to impact student learning. Our continued mission is to support the routine intentional use of technology to enhance instruction.

Contact Information

  • Technology Resources
    301 North Ninth Street
    14th Floor
    Richmond, VA 23219

    Phyllis Gardner, Coordinator
    Library Media & Technology
    Phone: 804.780.7816
    Fax: 804.780-7684