Volunteer with Us!

  • Are you interested in volunteer opportunities with Richmond Public Schools?

    Volunteer: A volunteer is a parent, grandparent or community member who ‘works’ in a school in a non-remunerated (i.e. not paid) manner on a regular basis, under the supervision of an RPS staff person. Some examples are below: 

    • Classroom, media center, cafeteria assistant
    • Special project assistant
    • Front office assistant

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Richmond Public Schools! Please see below for instructions on how to get started.

    Done in a Day (DIAD) Projects

    Through our partnership with HandsOn Greater Richmond, Richmond Public Schools posts all open DIAD projects on the HandsOnRVA.org website. Please visit the HandsOn Greater Richmond website for a current list of opportunities!

    DIAD or One Time Volunteers do not need to obtain a criminal background check.  As a one-time volunteer providing assistance in a school, you will be required to check in to the front office and present a driver's license or state-issued ID to scan into Raptor, our visitor management system.  Raptor will conduct the sex offender search at the time of check in.

    Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

    Ongoing volunteer opportunities are more than one day projects and include academic support, enrichment support and clerical and office support. Please refer to volunteer job descriptions for more information.  If this type of volunteer opportunity is what you are looking for, follow the below steps.  All necessary documents can be found on the "Information for Prospective Volunteers" page, located to your left.

    1. Review all information contained on the "Information for Prospective Volunteers" page
    2. Select your preferred school or department (please note that not all schools/departments have volunteer needs)
    3. Visit your school/department and schedule a time to discuss volunteer opportunities
    4. If the school/department needs match your skills and interests, submit a volunteer application to that school/department
    5. If you application is accepted, look for an email from TheAdvocates@sterlingvolunteers.com titled "Invitation from HOGR-RPS." Follow the instructions contained in the email to complete the background check information. The background check cost is $24.80 and payable on the site.
    6. Once background check results are returned, you will be notified of your status as an RPS volunteer.

    Helpful Documents

    School Board Policy on Volunteers

    POLICY 4-3.9 SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS (page 22)

    Recognizing that community members can provide valuable services to the schools by sharing their time, talents and experience, the School Board approves and encourages the use of volunteers to support the school division’s instructional programs and extra-curricular activities. For the purposes of this policy, a volunteer is a person who provides services, without compensation or benefits of any kind or amount, on an occasional or regular basis in the schools or during school activities. 

    All volunteers shall be at least 18 years of age unless their volunteer work is approved as part of a class, is done to fulfill a service learning or community service requirement for graduation or is done by a recognized student organization. Volunteers serve under the direction and supervision of the building principal or designated staff and shall abide by the policies, procedures and rules of the school division. When volunteers work with children, their activities will be under the immediate supervision of a school division employee. 

    In the interest of protecting the safety of students and staff, all volunteers who will be working directly with or will have access to students, including those chaperoning students on field trips or at all school-sponsored activities will be subject to criminal background checks, including sex offender registry checks. Volunteers may not transport students in private vehicles except as otherwise approved by Richmond Public Schools. 

    The division superintendent is directed to develop procedures consistent with this policy to ensure that there is a uniform division-wide process for the intake, screening, management and supervision of volunteers engaged throughout the school division. 

    LEGAL REFERENCE: Code of Virginia, 1950 as amended § 22.1-78. Adopted July 13, 2015