Network & Communication Services

  • Network & Communication Services


    To foster the learning environment by providing network infrastructure with bandwidth and responsiveness necessary to support learning and to provide administrative staff with a solid and efficient network technology to support mission critical functions.

    The Office of Telecommunications provides and maintains the comprehensive voice communication systems, data communication pathways and other services to meet the needs of Richmond Public Schools and its faculty, staff, students and guests.  We offer installation and support for telephone and long distance services, radios, voicemail, MATV and CATV, cable plant & wiring services, fax lines, audio/visual (A/V) equipment and intercom and PA systems. For basic phone instructions and more information about requesting services, visit the Help & Support section of this website.


    • To provide telecommunication services to the school system that are cost effective, highly reliable and of high quality.
    • To meet and exceed the service needs of our schools and administration.
    • To track developments in the telecommunications industry and recommend these developments only after evaluation and testing. 

    Scope of Responsibilities

    • Network Monitoring of the 63 wide area network (WAN) circuits, all routers, switches, hubs, and network servers to ensure that all are operational and functioning well
    • Proactively dispatch network technicians to check the circuit and also call the appropriate circuit provider to ensure optimum uptime
    • 24/7 monitoring of each school's bandwidth to plan for future needs and also to spot anomalies
    • Planning, testing and implementing new technologies to increase network efficiency and productivity and to provide proper bandwidth for educational needs
    • Provide 99.9% uptime for those mission critical applications such as Online SOL testing, Cafeteria Point-Of-Sale, Edutest, and others
    • Providing technical support as it relates to Internet/Intranet access.


    • Cassandra Harris, Manager