• Programming Mission

    To develop, test, implement and maintain computer program code in support of division-wide applications.




    Scope of Responsibilities

    Responsible for Application Development, test, implementation, reporting and maintenance of:

    Student Management System (SMS)

    • Student Demographics Management
    • ESL Student Management (English as Second Language)
    • Ad Hoc reporting & User Queries
    • Student Immunization Management

    Class Scheduling Management System (SCH)

    • Manages student courses and class schedules and course definition
    • Student registration and course request
    • Teacher Assignment & Master Schedule
    • Management of Summer School class schedules
    • Ad Hoc reporting & User Queries

    Attendance Management System (ATT)

    • Manages student attendance information such as absentees, tardiness, and dropouts.
    • Ad Hoc reporting & User Queries

    Grading Management System (GRD)

    • Manages student grades and reporting
    • Management of grade setup, grade type, and point association

    Student Discipline Management System (SDS)

    • Management and Reporting of student behavior (Fighting, cursing, and other incidents)
    • Ad Hoc reporting & User Queries

    Student Testing System (STS)

    • Management and Reporting of state mandated student SOL testing

    Financial Management System (FMS)

    • General Ledger Accounting
    • Requisition & Purchase Order Processing
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Purchasing Functions
    • Vendor Management
    • Fixed Asset Management
    • Ad Hoc reporting & User Queries
    • Budget Development

    Employee Management System (EMS)

    • Payroll Processing and Reporting
    • Personnel Management
    • Employee Attendance System
    • Direct Deposit Options/Codes
    • Employee Bonds/Retirement System
    • Risk Management
    • Ad Hoc reporting & User Queries

    Human Resource Management System (HMS)

    • Human Resources - Position Control
    • Position History System
    • Substitute Tracking & Management
    • Job Application tracking
    • Teacher Contract Management
    • Professional Development System
    • Ad Hoc reporting & User Queries

    Warehouse Management System (WMS)

    • Warehouse Requisition, Reporting & Transaction System
    • Inventory Management
    • Work Order & Bid Maintenance
    • Mini Store Supply Issuance
    • Ad Hoc reporting & User Queries

    School Nutritional Services Online Ordering

    • Cafeteria Managers place orders online. (Previously each manager drove order to SNS offices for hand delivery)
    • Supervisors approve orders.
    • Buyer approves vendor order.
    • Vendors retrieve orders via webpage (RPS first).

    Online Textbook Ordering

    • School Textbook Managers inventory books, report student enrollment and order textbooks, teacher editions and workbooks online.
    • Textbook Manager can transfer excess books from school-to-school reducing purchase of extra books.
    • Textbook repository inventory can be maintained.

    Policies & Procedures

    External Requests: All requests for reports must be made in writing to: Ms. Angela Wilson, Clerk, School Board, Richmond Public Schools, 301 North Ninth Street, Richmond, VA 23219. Or, they may be emailed.

    Internal Requests

    RPS employees must submit an Applications Service Request form via the ICTS Service Desk.


    • Monique Yates, Data Systems & DDS Manager
    • Michael "Mike" Walton, Senior Programmer Analyst
    • Pauline Gaither, Programmer Analyst
    • Randy Good, Programmer Analyst
    • Dion Gray, Programmer Analyst
    • Simon "Sunny" Rinthalukay, Programmer Analyst
    • Donald "Don" Bautista, Student Information Systems Trainer