Instructional Technology Resource Teachers

  • The Virginia (VA) State Legislature recognized the importance of investing in teacher professional development to support teacher learning about the integration of technology into instructional content. As a result, in 2004, the legislature voted to establish a standard of quality (SOQ) that included positions for technology support and instructional technology resource teachers (ITRTs). By 2005, the ITRT program was implemented in most VA School divisions. The current SOQ calls for 1 ITRT per 1,000 students.

    Instructional Technology Resource Teachers (ITRTs) provide on-site and on demand assistance to fellow teachers to create different forms of learning and teaching with the help of technologies. They seek to improve student learning by showing teachers the thoughtful applications and best practices of these new tools.

    Instructional Technology Resource Teachers (ITRTs) model and provide teachers the support they need to successfully implement instructional technology initiatives at the school level and to effectively use technology to engage students in the learning process.

    So what role do the ITRTs play in the school building?

    They act as Trainers, developing and presenting differentiated technology training for teachers and school staff in a wide variety of instructional applications for the purpose of achieving each school's instructional goals, enhancing staff productivity, and improving student learning.

    They act as Liaisons between the school and any division-wide technology resources or initiatives and as the technology point of contact for their school.

    They are often Troubleshooters, assessing software and hardware problems, implementing basic solutions, and sharing with teachers the process of coordinating repairs with ICTS when necessary.

    They are Collaborators, collaborating with teachers in their schools to plan lessons and model best practices in integrating technology into all facets of the K - 12 curriculum.

    They act as Consultants, advising in all aspects of instructional technology and providing just-in-time support for teachers in the areas of curriculum as well as appropriate use of software and hardware.

    They act as Pioneers, pushing the implementation and appropriate use of emerging technologies and new technologies initiatives within the division.

    ITRTs can and should support classroom instruction in the following ways:

    • Planning and/ or co-planning lessons
    • Modeling lessons
    • Team-teaching
    • Observing & coaching the classroom teacher
    • Training during Staff Development sessions

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