Parental Involvement in Education


Upcoming Parent Involvement Activities

  • Elementary                              Middle                                        High                                           Alternative

    Barack Obama                       Albert Hill                              Armstrong                      Amelia St. / Real / 13 Acres
    Bellevue                                    Binford                                    George Wythe              Franklin Military Academy 
    Blackwell                                  Boushall                                 John Marshall                Richmond Alternative School
    Broad Rock                              Elkhardt-Thompson           
    Carver                                        Henderson
    Chimborazo                             Lucille Brown
    Fairfield Ct.                              M.L. King
    George Mason
    Ginter Park
    J.B. Cary
    Miles Jones
    Oak Grove
    Westover Hills

Title I Parent & Community Liaisons

  • Purpose

    • Serve as a link between families and Title I schools, advocating for parents and providing assistance in navigating the educational setting to meet the needs of children.
    • Support activities within the Office of Engagement, plan and implement school system parent engagement and community efforts that promote and support improved student learning and academic achievement, as well as advancing a culture of respect and value for diverse people in the educational process.
    • Serve as a support to parents on behalf of the student.
    • Identify educational, social, and cultural needs of students and their families that can be met using school, community, or other resources.
    • Work in collaboration with school administrators and other school leaders to address ethnic and cultural barriers to success.
    • Support school staff in meeting the needs of diverse families, often providing or supporting with translation and other language related services.
    • Serve as advocates on behalf of students.
    • Provide regular scheduled support to Title I schools, promoting family involvement.
    • Provide family outreach for parents of students.
    • Provide information about school system programs and services, including special education and services.
    • Plan and present school and parent workshops and trainings. 

2017-2018 Parent Liaison Zone Assignments

Parent Liaison Staff Directory

  • City Hall
  • Richmond Alternative School
  • RPS Welcome Center
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