Programs & Presentations

  • Program or Presentation Requests

    Any requests to have a program or presentation at a Richmond Public Schools location must be vetted by district administration.  All requests must be received in writing and must contain the following:

    • Description of the requestor’s program or organization and the mission on the program or organization
    • Detailed information on the audience you would like to target and why 
    • Brief description of the presentation
    • Time frame for when the requestor would like program/presentation to take place 

    Written requests will be vetted and forwarded to the appropriate departments for further.  Any requests that pertain to research or evaluation will be forwarded to the Research and Evaluation Coordinator for further approval.  

    Please note: Programs, presentations and/or flyers must not be political in nature, proselytize, or advertise, sell or endorse a product.  Requests for approval should be submitted to the Office of Communications & Media Relations by email

    For more information, please contact the Office of Communications & Media Relations at (804) 780-7100.