Flyer Approval

  • Request for Approval to Distribute Information

    Distributing Flyers

    Any material for school and/or district-wide distribution should first be approved by the Office of Communications & Media Relations (OCMR) to ensure all materials are compliant with Richmond Public Schools' policies.  All requests should include the following:

    • A copy of the material to be distributed with a visible disclaimer stating thethe following: 

    "This program is not a part of, affiliated, and/or endorsed by Richmond Public Schools and/or its employees and staff. Since it is not a program of Richmond Public Schools, please direct any questions about this program to the number listed on the ___________."[Put the material type in blank, ie Flyer, brochure. etc]

    • The school location(s) the requestor would like to distribute materials including  details regarding how the materials will be delivered 
    • Contact information of person making the request 

    Materials must also meet the following requirements: 

    • Support district goals and initiatives 
    • Enhance educational outcomes for district students 
    • Benefit Richmond City students, parents and/or staff 
    • Encourage character building activities and/or interests

    Commercial establishments whose source of revenue is the sale of intoxicants, tobacco products or electronic cigarettes will not be approved.

    Per School Board Policy 4-2.3, with the exception of approved fundraising activities, the distribution, in any manner, to include electronic distribution, of materials or information, which publicly endorse or support groups or organizations involved in a commercial endeavor for profit is prohibited.   Approval will be granted only for materials from governmental organizations and from nonprofit community organizations regarding activities directly related to the educational mission of Richmond Public Schools.

    The OCMR will respond to all requests within 48 hours of receipt. If all initial requirements have been met, the OCMR will review the material(s) and advise of approval status.  If approved, the OCMR will notify the requestor in writing as well as the school location(s) to advise that the material has been approved for distribution.  In addition, the OCMR will provide the requestor a link that will help them determine the amount of materials needed for the selected school location(s).

    All request(s) for flyer approval should be submitted to the OCMR by email to