• Below you will see several links that can provide you with valuable information to help you become an active participant in planning your education.

    Virginia Department of Education, I'm Determined Project

    Is there something about you that you really want your IEP team to know? The I'm Determined Project  provides resources to help you plan and be an active member in your own IEP meeting. Resources include  templates for Elementary and Secondary for you to complete before your IEP meetings. These templates can help identify information that will be important for you to share during your meeting. Fill these out before your IEP and you have a great handout to give to the IEP team members. Areas that are addressed include your strengths and weaknesses, preferences, friends, and goals for the future. You can work on these by yourself or with a parent or a favorite teacher.
    I'm Determined Project
    Elementary IEP
    Secondary IEP