Home Learning Center

  • A Home Learning Center is designed to make the home a place for continual learning. Home materials are used and saved for creating and extending activities. The goal is to compliment the child's classroom learning experiences. We want to develop and establish a partnership between the parent/child and the teacher/instructional assistant. We want parents to share ideas for future activities and recipes, as well as volunteer in to support the classroom and school.


Let's Move

  • Theme: Let’s Move

    Title: Let's Move Over the Rainbow

    Why?: Students will move in a variety of ways.

    What?: hula hoops (If you do not have hula hoops, you may use socks, towels or yarn, feel free to be creative.)

    What?: 1. Place several hoops in an arch like formation. Explain to the child that he/she will be moving in different ways over each hula hoop. Say to your child: “ What shape do the hoops form? They form an arch. Sometimes, we can find arches outside. What have you seen that is an arch shape that was outdoors?” Now, pretend that the arch is a rainbow. Share with your child that he/she will move in different ways over each hoop that is a part of the rainbow.

    2. Instruct the child to crawl, over each hoop that is in the arch.

    3. Next, select another movement which could include (jumping, walking on tip toes, crab walking, camel walking, duck walking and pretending to fly, over each item that is on the floor.

    4. Also, your child can perform these movements in a slow, fast, forward or backward manner. Parents may join in the fun and attempt some of these moves.

    5. Afterward, let your child select his/her favorite way to move. Ask them why they like it. Turn on any pre k song and move in that way.

    What Else?: Return to school and share your favorite way to move.

    Desirable Teaching Behaviors

    • Before starting an activity, explain what you are going to do.
    • Encourage your child to expand upon his/her answers

    Created By: Rhonda Long and Illean Byrd of Mary Scott Preschool Regional Learning Center