Guidelines for Destroying Obsolete Records

  • Schools and Departments are reminded of our published guidelines requiring retention periods to have expired and destruction to be approved by the Division Records Manager before records are destroyed. For archival storage of student cumulative folders view "Schools' Year-End Records Purging and Archiving Procedures

    An annual Records "Spring Cleaning" is scheduled each year for Schools and Departments to conveniently and legally have obsolete records picked up for destruction in a timely manner. Download this year's "spring cleaning" destruction forms and procedures. 

    Schools and Departments may contact the Division Records Manager (780-5601) any other time throughout the year to purge obsolete records. Download procedures and records destruction forms. 

    Alternatively, if you retain an outside shredding vendor, be aware of the guidelines and your joint responsibilities pursuant to them:

    Mutual Responsibilities for Shredding Services by Vendors 

    RPS and [Vendor] personnel agree to the following responsibilities before any records are shredded: 

    1. Every RPS department or office will submit a completed Certificate of Records Destruction (RM-3 Form) to the RPS Records Manager at least two days before [Vendor] arrives to destroy records. (Form is also available fromDivision Records Manager ext. 5601.) 
    2. The RPS department or office will give the RM-3 Form signed by the RPS Records Manager to the [Vendor]Customer Representative as authorization to shred the records. 
    3. No [Vendor] Customer Representative will shred any RPS records without receiving a RM-3 Form identifying those records and signed by the RPS Records Manager. 
    4. The [Vendor] Customer Representative will attach the signed RM-3 Form to [Vendor’s] certificate of destruction as documentation of what records were actually destroyed and when. 
    5. RPS departments and offices will retain the RM-3 Form and [Vendor’s] certificate of destruction together as evidence of legal and proper disposal of the records. 
    6. Any RPS department or office retaining [Vendor] for services is responsible for all costs incurred. 

    Published Guidelines and Procedures

    A Manual for Managing Inactive Records in the Richmond Public Schools from Section 5 of: Everything You Wanted to Know About Records but Were Afraid to Ask (2016)

    Contact: Anthony L. Johnson, Division Records Manager, ICTS, 13th Fl, City Hall, 780-5601