About Francis

  • J. L. Francis Elementary School

    Eagles On a Mission

    We provide a learning environment that is challenging, safe and child centered: where students show respect, responsibility, and achieve success.

    J. L. Francis is a great place to learn and work! With parents and teachers working together your child will benefit and enjoy knowing that you all have made a valuable contribution to your child's future.

    The staff at J. L. Francis embraces all children, striving to provide a warm, caring, and stimulating environment.  

    J. L. Francis Elementary is fully accredited and located on 15.9 acres in a residential neighborhood in the Southside of Richmond at 5146 Snead Road. Built in 1968, the building includes:

    • A semi-open physical design with a central courtyard;
    • Tennis courts, Basketball courts, and recreation areas;
    • 48 Certified teachers and 10 support staff members; and,
    • The school serves over 600 students with diverse backgrounds



    J. L. Francis Elementary School is the portal to opportunity and success. We build a foundation of infinite possibilities by fostering quality academic, physical and emotional development.  By inspiring and ensuring continuous collaboration between compassionate and committed educators, families and communities, we SOAR! 



    1. Each student will benefit academically from effective communication between and involvement of the entire school staff, family, and the community.
    2. Each student, as a socially responsible citizen, will embrace others and demonstrate integrity, passion and confidence to positively impact the world.
    3. Each student will receive opportunities to fulfill and develop emotional, nutritional, and physical health to maximize educational experiences. 


    School Song

    J. L. Francis, the place where learning starts. Throughout our lives, your lessons will be in our minds and hearts.

    Written & Composed by Will Cook.


    School Motto

    This is how we S.O.A.R

    S - Shine with style
    O - Own up to your choices
    A - Always respect yourself & others
    R - Remember to make the right choices!