Parent & Community Engagement

  • What is a Parent and Community Liaison?

    A Parent and Community Liaison is a person employed by Richmond Public Schools who is familiar with the challenges parents face. Although the Parent Liaison is not a counselor, they work diligently to link the communication between school and home by assisting parents to obtain information, support, and the help they need to ensure their child’s academic and social success in school. Since many families have children in more than one school, the Parent Liaisons may also work together to assist a family.

    How can a Parent and Community Liaison help me?
    A Parent and Community Liaison can listen to your questions and concerns to make sure they are resolved.  A foundation of good communication between home and school is important for your child’s success.    

    What kind of assistance can a Parent and Community Liaison provide?

    • Information - A Parent and Community Liaison can provide parents with a personal tour of the school and explain the programs and resources available to them and their child.  Parent Liaisons can discuss some of the ways parents can be more involved with the school and their child’s education.  Parent Liaisons can answer questions parents may have about school rules and regulations.  Parent Liaisons will advise parents of special events.
    • Conferences - Parent and Community Liaisons work closely with the school administration to arrange meetings between the parent, child’s teachers and school personnel so that important information about their child is shared and understood. Parent and Community Liaisons will help parents arrange for an interpreter if they need to communicate in their own language. 
    • Communication - A Parent and Community Liaison will work closely with the school to keep our parents informed of all activities including back-to-school nights, workshops, etc.
    • Workshops - A Parent and Community Liaison will notify parents of upcoming workshops.
    • Special Help and Services - Parent and Community Liaisons will provide information on agencies where parents need to go to get help or services for a child or their family.  Examples include:  Medical/Glasses, School Supplies, After-school Programs, Athletic Programs, Housing, Food, Clothing, etc.