Language Support Services Overview

  • hello Richmond Public Schools (RPS) Office of Engagement assists in bridging the communication gap between RPS and linguistically diverse parents, students, and stakeholders across the district by providing translation and interpretation support to RPS schools and departments. The use of interpreters is essential to the educational process, and every reasonable effort will be made to provide needed services and support to the parents of children in the English Language Learning (ELL) Program, in addition to other parents who do not understand, speak, or read the English language. Language support services will be provided free of charge to parents and can be requested by any authorized RPS employee.

    Over-the-Phone Interpretation

    Schools and departments should consider using the language line when personnel are experiencing difficulty communicating with limited English speakers efficiently and effectively. United Language Group is the provider of a global telephone based interpretation service. With the use of a designated code, schools and departments across the district are able to access interpretation services for up to 200 major languages. The language line may be useful in the following situations:

    • To communicate critical information with a limited English speaker; or
    • When in-person interpretation is not available in a specific language.

    In-Person (Oral) Interpretation 

    Interpretation is available for school-related events, parent meetings, student conferences, Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings, etc.

    Guidelines for Submission

    • Requests must be submitted at least ten (10) school days in advance of the event.
    • Submit one Language Support Request form separately for each language needed.

    Translation (Written) Request

    Please consider the translation turnaround time when planning for projects. Turnaround time depends on project word count and complexity. Please note that turnaround calculations are approximate and translations may take longer than expected, depending on current workload.

    Guidelines for Submission

    • Requests must be submitted at least fifteen (15) school days in advance. Keep in mind that delivery dates are directly linked to word count and current work load.
    • Word documents are the ideal format for request submissions. Make sure “Track Changes” is turned off. Editable PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint documents are accepted.
    • Scanned copies will not be accepted because they are not editable.
    • Translation services are provided at no cost to the client, school, and department.

Contact Information

  • Southside Community Services Center
    4100 Hull Street Rd.
    Richmond, Virginia 23225

    Phone: 804.230.2980