Application Process

  • Dear Parent/Guardian,

    Welcome to the Richmond Public Schools District. If you are applying to a specialty school, please know that your application will not be complete until the required documentation is submitted to the school you are applying to. Below you will find the required documentation for our specialty program.


    • Report Card
    • IEP/504, if relevant
    • Adult Recommendation
    • Teacher Recommendation
    • Proof of Residency 

    Application Deadline: We are currently not accepting IB applications for fall 2018 (deadline for admissions was December 8, 2017). 

    Students in Good Standing

    Once accepted through the IB application process, students must remain in good standing. This means that students must maintain their grades (grades C or higher), maintain a good discipline record, and participate in service requirements to maintain good standing with the programme.

    Students may be subject to probation for a time period in order to regain good standing. If a student does not regain good standing status, then the student can be returned to his or her zoned school.

    Transition to High School

    For students accepted through the IB application process, they must complete the application portion for our partner school, Thomas Jefferson High School, by the established deadlines. These students are not retested or asked for additional recommendations, but they are required to be students in good standing in order to continue with the programme at the partner high school.