Clubs & Organizations

  • "Honey Beez"

    Our Dance & Cheer Leading athletes are amazing students and audiences throughout Richmond and surrounding vicinities.  They are a dazzling energetic expression of the Spirit of Overby-Sheppard Elementary School.  Original Crisp and Inspirational Choreography has earned them man accolades.  They have performed in Richmond's coveted "Christmas Parade", the "State Fair of Virginia" and many other prominent festivals, venues & affairs.  They motivate, inspire and energize our student body.

    "Science Club" 

    Our Science Club is student-created, interest-driven and focuses SOL Standards, in addition to Pre-historic extinct animals, fossils, rock formations, and current-day phenomenon.  Students experience inquiry-based activities, field trips, and experiments.  They engage in STEM, student-driven research, higher-level thinking and analysis activities, & creating solutions to relevant issues