Student Absences


    When absence from school is necessary, the parent or guardian should call the school office at 804-780-6107 by 9:00 on the morning the absence takes place . Students must bring in a note from the parent or guardian on the day they return to school.


    There are circumstances that may prevent a student’s attendance in school. Such absences, when justifiable, are classified as excused absences for which there is no penalty. All other absences will be classified as unexcused and may result in disciplinary action.


    Absence from school for any period of time adversely impacts learning. Students who are absent are required to make up missed work regardless of the reason for the absence. In the event of an extended absence (more than two days), arrangements to pick up missed work can be made with the grade level team leader. A reasonable amount of time consistent with the length of the absence will be allowed for the student to turn in missed assignments. It is the responsibility of the student to contact his or her teachers upon returning to school to get any missed assignments.


    Every effort should be made to arrive at school on time. A student who arrives at school after the official start of the day (8:30 am) will be marked tardy. Students who arrive before 8:45 am should go straight to their first period class; after 8:45, students must report to the office to sign in and receive a tardy pass. Repeated tardiness is regarded as a serious problem to be solved by involving school officials and parents.


    The law requires that the staff of a school provide for the safety of its students. Therefore, for the protection of students, we are required to know where students are during the school day. It is the rule at Hill that no student is to leave school during school hours without written permission from his or her parents and the knowledge of school officials. If it is necessary to leave school early, bring a note from your parent or guardian, with a phone number where they can be reached, to the main office on the morning of the day you are to leave early. A parent or guardian must sign the student out in the main office. If a student returns after being signed out (for example, after a medical appointment), heor she must sign back in at the office and receive a pass to return to class.