About Virgie Binford Education Center

  • Mission and Vision

    The Virgie Binford Education Center is a collaborative community that empowers each child academically, socially, and emotionally. We as an organization are a highly effective group of educators who will provide safe, innovative, and individualized instruction to a unique group of students to encourage, support, inspire, and prepare them as confident, successful, global citizens.

    Primary Goals and Objectives

    The primary goals and objectives of our education program are developed based on the combined philosophies of the Richmond Public School District and the Virginia Department of Education.  These two entities work collaboratively in ensuring the successful implementation of the following program objectives:

    • To ensure that all students identified as special needs will have a current IEP and that the IEP is implemented with amendments as needed educational status, with the local education authority (LEA) or agency, parents/guardians, the justice
    • To provide a smooth transition into the academic environment, offered at the detention facility, by instilling a desire to learn.
    • To ensure that students maintain or advance their current level of academic functioning in a consistent manner.
    • To develop a sense of respect for authority, property, and a vision that will allow one to recognize differences in others in order to interact positively in a diverse and multicultural society