School Counseling Overview

  • Role of the Elementary School Counselor

    The Elementary School Counselor's role is to support and enhance learning by:

    • Developing a counseling and guidance program based on data gathered from a school needs assessment
    • Serving as an advocate for the student
    • Helping students, teachers and parents resolve problems that interfere with learning
    • Counseling individuals and groups
    • Conducting classroom guidance activities
    • Collaborating with parents, teachers, administrators and school and community resources
    • Assisting students with transitional tasks and issues
    • Providing information and support for transfer students
    • Interpreting and discussing test results
    • Teaching test taking strategies and tips
    • Supporting students with special needs
    • Offering crisis intervention and prevention
    • Referring students to special programs and/or services
    • Using disaggregated data to drive program decisions