2020 Camp Launch for Middle School Students at W & M

  • 2020 Camp Launch Application                                                                                                                            2020 Camp Launch Link


    Camp Launch Applications are due March 26, 2020! 

     Camp Launch 2020 Fun! W&M CL 2018

    Congratulations to our thirty 2019 Camp Launch campers and to our twenty-eight 2018 Camp Launch campers for completing the summer program

    at William & Mary 

    Kudos to our 3 Junior Teaching Assistant Counselors; 

    Miguel Walden, Taejon Graham, and Kennedi Mahan-Johnson!

    Camp Launch:  William & Mary CENTER FOR GIFTED EDUCATION

         2020 Camp Launch:  July 14 to July 27, 2020

    Camp Launch was born out of a desire to help high ability and gifted students from all socioeconomic levels, Camp Launch provides eligible rising 7th-grade students (current 6th graders) with enrichment and academic opportunities. The children are recruited from school districts around Virginia. They participate in a two-week residential program with courses in STEM, writing, and personal development.


     W&M Jr.Counselors and SPACE Teacher Sandra Hayward-Jones

    Camp Launch at William & Mary has four goals:

    • To deliver advanced instruction in academic content such as STEM, writing, academic self-efficacy and personal development.
    • To provide enrichment opportunities in a wide variety of content areas.
    • To encourage the development of peer support networks.
    • To develop in campers a future orientation that includes a college education, along with preparation that will help them take advantage of enabling opportunities to achieve that goal.

    Camp Launch Criteria:

    • Family income level below $45,000,
    • Standardized test scores at the 90th percentile or better in at least one of the test subscales, or
    • Recommendation accompanied by evidence of advanced performance.

     ALL Applications are Due to your Middle School Counselor no later than March 26, 2020

    Richmond Public Schools will provide a  free mini-charter bus for accepted students and their families to and from W& M this summer. Families may choose to be dropped off at Martin Luther King MS or leave their cars in the parking lot in front of the MLK Pre–School at MLK MS, opting to take the bus. We will also transport the families to and from the Sadler Center to the W & M dorms. Please contact the GT office 804-780-7805 or email lpleveic@rvaschools.net or emotley@rvaschools.net if you would like to reserve a seat (+1) to William and Mary. Depending upon interest, we will upgrade from a mini-coach to a full charter bus.

     Our transportation schedule to and from W & M is as follows: (2020 Schedule Will Be Announced)

    7/14/19   Pickup:    11:15 am                    Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, 1000 Mosby Street Richmond, VA 23223
                      Drop off: 12:30 pm                    William & Mary Sadler Center, 110 Sadler Center Williamsburg, VA 23185
                      Dorms:    2:30–4:00 pm             William & Mary Jefferson Hall, 231 Jamestown Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185

    7/14/19    Pick-Up: 4:00 pm                      William & Mary Jefferson Hall
                       Drop Off: 5:00 pm                      Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

    7/27/19    Pickup:     8:30 am                     Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
                       Drop off:  9:30 am                     William & Mary Sadler Center
                       Dorms:   10:30 am-11:00 am     William & Mary Jefferson Hall

    7/27/19    Pick-Up:   11:00 am                   William & Mary Jefferson Hall
                       Drop Off: 12:00 pm                   Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School