Before & After School (BAS)

  • Mary Munford operates a before and after care program on site. The program runs from 7:30 until 8:45 in the morning and from dismissal until 5:45 each day school is in session. The morning program offers games, arts and crafts and fun time. The afternoon schedule includes homework time, *snack, games, arts and crafts and free play periods. Fees are paid in monthly installments from September to May.  Space is limited. Registration is on a first come basis and students in the program have the first option to register each year in March for the following year. Priory is given to students who have been in the program or are already enrolled in either session. The registration day assigned by the city for Kindergarten is also the first day to register for our program for the new school year.  

    The After School Program does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, and disability or ethnic background. Children of all backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to enroll. Enrollment is open to any students who  is enrolled at MMES elementary school. The child must be self-sufficient and able to function and follow rules and instructions in a group setting.   We assume children are potty trained when enrolled; we reserve the right to withdraw a child if there is repeated evidence that a child is not potty trained. Parents should notify coordinator of any known medical conditions prior to enrollment.

    The After School Program complements rather than duplicates the school day  and is not an educational service.  The program gives children the opportunity to explore and build on individual interests and skills, relax and unwind, play sports and games, and socialize with peers and adults. 


    Contact Information

    Anne Awad
    Phone: (804)780-5529 (September through June)



    If schools close early due to weather or emergencies, BAS classes one hour after the early dismissal time (for instance if schools close at 12:30, BAS closes at 1:30)

    If AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES are canceled due to weather or emergencies, BAS will close at 4:30. 


    *Almost all the snacks served in the program meet the RPS nutrition standards for sugar and fat content. Water is served as the drink.   Parents who do not like the snack choices offered may send a snack with the child for the program.    The program also offers small candy or non candy prizes for games and activities.  If parents do not want a child to have candy as a choice for these activities, please let the staff know.   


     *If there is an emergency closing please see the Mary Munford Facebook page.

Before & After School Care Rates

Both Morning & Afternoon Programs