How Can You Help?

  • Use Your Kroger Card & Scan the Munford Bar Code

    Once you have scanned the barcode with your card, every time you shop, Munford earns points for instructional equipment and supplies.  Click on the PDF file, print a copy and take one of the barcodes to Kroger next time you shop there. 

    Collect Box Tops & Campbell Soup Labels 

    Turn these into the school office or place in the collection boxes. Visit the Box Tops website

    Use Your Target Store Credit Card

    Target will donate 1% of your purchases at Target Stores and to Mary Munford.  To enroll your Target “Redcard” credit card in the Take Charge of Education program, click on this link and register your card for Munford.Target EducatIon

    Other Things You Can Do:

    • Come Out & Enjoy Spooky Saturday, the Barnes and Noble Book Fair and the Auction
    • Donate Items or Services to the Auction, or Help Solicit Donations from local businesses for the Auction
    • Join the PTA for only $5/per adult
    • Have your family or business provide sponsorship for a Spooky Saturday booth, tent, etc.
    • Buy an Advertisement or Message in the Newsletter or School Directory