Minds In Motion - Richmond Ballet

  • The Minds in Motion program is brought to William Fox by the Richmond Ballet.  Minds in Motion is a year-long program that teaches fourth-grade students discipline, dedication and self-awareness by leading them through a series of choreographic movements which must be memorized and expanded upon in each class session. This is not a ballet class, but a way to teach students the benefits of applying themselves to a task involving both mental and physical challenges. It requires no special clothing, shoes or equipment. A pianist accompanies all of the classes, adding another enriching dimension to the experience. The students must count the beats and measures of the music and learn the elements of rhythm in order to be successful in the program.

    Minds In Motion focuses on fourth-grade students because they have both the physical coordination and the concentration skills necessary to benefit each week from the one-hour classes. This age group is generally uninhibited and willing to try new things with enthusiasm. The program enhances memorization skills as the students repeat choreographic patterns in different combinations throughout each class. They are required to remember this choreography and expand upon it during subsequent classes. The development of these skills can help strengthen mathematical abilities, provides physical fitness as well as requires each student to develop focus, discipline, and self-control.

    Team XL/XXL Performance Group is a successful after-school scholarship class for selected Minds In Motion students from each of the 20 schools. This program is offered free-of-charge and has enabled a number of students to transition to classes at the School of Richmond Ballet. Selected Team XXL students will also have the opportunity to participate in the Ballet’s magical production of The Nutcracker.

    Minds in Motion Richmond Ballet