• End of Course SOL Exam Exchange

    ALL students enrolled in an end-of-course (EOC) credit class that scores 400 or greater
    on the Standards of Learning test for that course will be eligible to substitute a score from
    the SOL conversion table in lieu of the exam for that course, if such substitution
    improves the student’s final course grade. Students will be allowed to take the final exam
    for the purpose of attempting to improve their final grade. In such cases, the final exam
    may not lower the final grade (the SOL conversion table will be used to determine).
    The table below provides the scale for converting end-of-course SOL results to exam

     SOL Scores to Final Exam Grade Conversion


    Senior Exam Exemption

    Grade Criteria:
    1) The senior must have a cumulative course average of at least 85 when
    grades and other specified criteria are compiled to determine exam
    exemption near the close of the fourth nine weeks.
    2) The senior must maintain a minimum fourth nine-week average of 85 in
    the course to be exempted.

    Attendance Criteria
    1) The senior cannot have been absent from the class more than ten times
    during the school year (semester class - not more than five times).
    Religious holidays and school-related absences (field trips, athletics,
    documented college visits, etc.) do not count within those absences.

    Integrity Criteria
    1) Any integrity violation which results in disciplinary action removes the
    student from eligibility.