Binford's FAQs

  • We have high expectations of your child and we are glad that you do too!


    Q: When do classes start?

    8:00 students can enter the building, First Block is 8:30; 3:15 we begin dismissal


    Q: Can I visit classrooms?

    Yes, but not on the first day.  Allow your child to be independent and know we will take good care of them!  Afterwards, you will have to obtain permission from the administration in advance.


    Q: Can I take a self guided tour or just walk around to check on my child?

    No.  We take school safety and security very seriously and we ask that immediately upon your arrival that you report to the Main Office to sign in and obtain a visitor badge.  If you are waiting for someone, they will meet you in the Main Office.


    Q: Can I eat breakfast or lunch with my child?

    See above for visitation.  


    Q: How do I volunteer?

    All volunteers work with Anne Shields with Communities in Schools.  She is located in room 103 and can set you up with the appropriate connection for your interests.  


    Q: How can I chaperone trips?

    This is done with the field trip sponsor and with prior sign in through RAPTOR with the Main Office.  


    Q: How do I schedule time with administration?

    Your time is valuable and we appreciate your partnership!  In order for us to make the most of your time we ask that you either call us at school, 780-6231 or email us to set up a time to meet.  You’ll be asked to state the purpose of your meeting so we can prepare to welcome you.


    Q: How do I keep in contact with teachers?

    Every teacher has an RPS issued email address and they are expected to respond within 72 hours should you choose to email them.  They may also be reached by leaving a phone message that they will return as well.  


    Q: Will my child have textbooks?

    Depends on the class.  Please see each class syllabus.


    Q: What if my child loses school property (library book, lock, etc)?

    First, we get it and we want to help.  Please let the appropriate staff member know as soon as possible.

    Q: How do I report a concern about…


    Unsafe situations

    See above for ways to contact administration or teacher.  You can also use the district communication tool, Let’s Talk located on the district homepage.


    Q: May I pick up my child earlier than 3:15?  If so, what is the procedure?

    We would be sad to see them miss out on learning, but things come up.  Please have them send in a dismissal note so we can be ready to call them down at your arrival.  Please also let your child know if they will be picked up early so they can be ready.


    Q: What happens if my child is late to school?

    Children are marked absent until they arrive so it’s very important to make EVERY DAY COUNT!  When they arrive they report to the Main Office for a tardy slip.  


    Q: My child forgot something at home and needs it today, what do I do?

    Our first thought is to let them problem solve without that item and see if they can advocate for themselves!  If needed, it can be dropped off in the Main Office and we can call for them to pick it up.


    Q: Will my child’s image, likeness, artwork or school work ever be shared outside of the building?

    Only with your written permission.  Please return the RPS Media Release Form during the first week of school.


    Q: How do I stay informed about school events?

    Follow us on TWITTER @BinfordLions, #Prideofthefan

    Like us on FACEBOOK- Binford Middle School PTA

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    Listen to Parent Links

    Look for quarterly Newsletters (printed and in backpacks, posted on social media & emailed)


    What is Study Skills?

    Ok, this is a new and amazing new feature to our schedules.  Please talk with your child about this, come to Back to School Night and our PTA meetings to stay in the loop!

    We have high expectations of your child and we are glad that you do too!   It’s going to be a GREAT YEAR!