RFamily: Gloria Croxton

  • Gloria Croxton encourages Boushall students to study science or whatever subject excites them.

    Gloria Croxton has been a part of the Boushall Middle School family from the beginning. Well, almost the beginning.

    “I’ve been at Boushall since the day after it opened,” said Croxton, who was initially hired in the Nutrition Department in 1986, but has served RPS and the BMS family since the early 1990s as a custodian.

    Principal LaTonya Waller said that Croxton’s professionalism, hard work, and dedication make her an integral part of the school’s success.

    “The way she maintains the building reflects the importance of education,” Waller said. “She keeps it prepared for learning to take place. When the building is clean and looks inviting, we can focus on the most important thing, learning.”

    Croxton said that her favorite parts of her job are working with her peers and talking to students. She encourages them to think about their future careers and to study science. She is also a strong supporter of career and technical education to give students a leg up in the workforce.

    When Croxton isn’t working hard to keep Boushall looking its best, she loves to travel and spend time with her mother, her two daughters, her three grandchildren, and her great grandchild.

    Our STRENGTH is RFamily, and RPS thanks YOU, Gloria Croxton, for helping our Boushall Eagles soar high!