Early College Academy Program

  • In 2012, Virginia House Bill 1184 passed mandating that "each institution within the Virginia Community College System shall develop agreements for postsecondary degree attainment with the public high schools in the school divisions that they serve. The Early College Academy provides students with this opportunity through Reynolds Community College.

    Successful ECA Students…

    • Choose to take challenging courses and programs in their middle school and early high school years.
    • Regularly study at night and on the weekends and are prepared to start Reynolds coursework in mid-August, two-and-a-half weeks before the beginning of their junior year of high school.
    • Demonstrate the maturity to take responsibility for their own education and have a proven track record of motivating themselves to keep up with school work, especially when coursework and projects provide them an extra challenge.
    • Are involved back at their zoned high school in the afternoon through clubs, service opportunities, athletics, music and art programs, or other similar activities.

    What are the benefits of completing an ECA program?

    High school students participating in college credit courses often have social, emotional, career, and academic advantages over their peers who do not participate in such programs. Reynolds Community College offers the ECA program to allow students to increase the academic rigor of their high school experience. The desire for rigor should be the ultimate goal of participating in an Early College Academy.Students participating in the ECA attend college classes in the morning on the Reynolds Downtown Campus and the return to their zoned high school for afternoon classes and after-school activities (such as athletics, clubs, etc.). Students are expected to make the full two-year commitment to the program as a member of a cohort for their junior and senior years of high school. The cohort model allows the student to develop strong peer relationships the student can utilize as a support system throughout the program. Students also receive career coaching services from Reynolds beginning with their acceptance into the program in 10th grade.

    Please visit the Reynolds Community College website for more information on the ECA program. 

ECA 2018 Cohort