RVA Future Centers

  • Future Centers

    Each of the five comprehensive high schools have an RVA Future Center staffed by a dedicated professional to create, organize, and implement career/college activities focused on student success beyond high school. In partnership with the RPS School Counseling Department, RVA Future Centers help to identify the gaps, determine metrics for success, and develop a coordinated plan for effective service delivery.

    More specifically, RVA Future Centers will:

    • Ensure that all participating students who graduate from Richmond Public Schools are prepared for the next step in life — 4 year university, 2 year college, technical/trade school, or industry certification by working with them one-to-one to identify strengths and interests then guide them to the most appropriate opportunity.
    • Coordinate college/career opportunities for those who may not have access otherwise by identifying scholarships opportunities, assisting with financial aid and scholarship applications, arranging college tours, matching students with industry mentors, collaborating with college prep and other community organizations, organizing college fairs, corporate and business visits, and more.

    For more information please visit the Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation website or contact the school counselor at your high school.