RFamily: Valerie Evans

  •  Valerie Evans is tightly woven into the close-knit family at Fox Elementary School.Valerie Evans

    In the early 1990s, she was a regular and dedicated volunteer at the school when the Lunch Monitor position became available.Evans recalls that a secretary told her, “You might as well get paid- you are here everyday!”“I’ve been here ever since,” Evans said with a smile.

    As a lunch monitor, Evans assists younger students with tasks such as opening milk, and keeps an eye on behavior of older students.

    Daniela Jacobs, Fox Elementary Principal, said that Evans is “the person there to make sure that our kids have the best and whatever they need.”

    In addition to her work responsibilities, Evans volunteers to make bulletin boards, to help teachers make copies, to watch classes when teachers need, to develops holiday art projects, and so much more. Jacobs added that Evans makes sure that all new students are welcomed on the Welcome Bulletin Board, and is even known in the community to give rides to students when they need.

    Valeri Evans working with students But Evans might be best known around the school for inspiring Fox students to learn to knit. Her love of knitting has inspired her to start an after school knitting club. Students also work on projects during lunch and during down time during the day. By sharing her genuine passion, Evans has connected with students and helped many of them develop a practical skill and hobby that theymight not otherwise have.

    Evans is a former baseball and basketball coach at the Randolph Community Center, and will soon be returning to the center as the instructor of a looming class.

    RStrength is RFamily, and RPS thanks you, Valerie Evans, for sharing your passion and inspiring our students while work tirelessly for the Fox Family everyday.