RCraft: Hendrix

  • Students in Ms. Hendrix's kindergarten class  give the password to return to class.  Check out this Q&A with Ms. Hendrix about her use of the "Password" game to help boost sight-word recognition with her kindergarteners at Francis. 

    Name: Madeline Hendrix

    School: J.L. Francis Elementary

    Grade level: Kindergarten

    Years teaching: 3

    College: William and Mary

    How does it work? 

    When students come in the room, they read the password as a ticket to come in the door.

    Where did you get the idea?

    I got the idea from another teacher who was using it to increase the time students got in front of sight words.

    How does it help drive student achievement?

    It reinforces the sight words we study in class, at home, in books, and in poems by allowing students to practice reading those words in isolation.

    What’s your favorite thing about teaching?

    My favorite thing about teaching is seeing students learn to love learning and develop a new world and set of skills in the classroom.

     At RPS, providing high-quality teaching and instruction is RCraft! We thank you, Ms. Hendrix, for sharing this fun sight-word exercise.

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