Education Compact Information

  • Education Compact The Richmond School Board is seeking applications and/or nominations to join the Education Compact Team.  The Education Compact Team consists of three members of the Richmond School Board, Three Members of City Council and broad cross-sector community representation to include representatives of the following stakeholders including parents, teachers, the philanthropic community and other cross sector partners.  This Team will meet monthly and be charged with exploring in depth and making advisory, nonbinding policy recommendations on matters of shared concern to Council, the School Board, and the Mayor.

    These recommendations may encompass long-term funding strategies to meet the operating and capital needs of schools and other programs supporting children, as well as the continued development of a shared framework for measuring progress in meeting the needs of children inside and outside the classroom. 

    Selection Process Outline

    Background: As part of the Education Compact Resolution adopted unanimously by both City Council and School Board on Monday August 21st, the Richmond School Board is responsible for selecting, “up to six members who are parents of students in the school division, teachers or staff members employed by the School Board, or students in the school division, appointed by the School Board.”

    Read the Education Compact Resolution for more information.

    Qualifications & Considerations:  The Richmond School Board is seeking a diverse group of individuals with a demonstrated commitment to public schools to join the Richmond Education Compact Committee.  General qualifications include:

    • Equal representation from all districts, RPS teachers and parents
    • Special education experience
    • Experience with English Language Learners (ELL)
    • Housing policy experience
    • PTA representative
    • Pre-K provider
    • Industry and/or higher education experience
    • Demonstrated investment in RPS
    • Representative of demographics of families served in RPS