Water Testing Results

  • Background

    In 2017, the Virginia Assembly passed legislation requiring all school divisions in the Commonwealth to implement a plan to test and remediate (where necessary) potable water. 

    The legislation directs school divisions to use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) testing protocols on drinking fountains and contamination thresholds by requiring a sample size of 250 ml of water and prohibits levels in schools above 20 parts per billion (ppb).  

    Testing Protocol

    1. A building's water supply sits idle for 8 - 18 hours before water samples are collected.
    2. The testing vendor tests all fixtures (sinks & fountains) within a building.
    3. Once the test results are completed, any fixture with an elevated level (above 15 ppb) is immediately removed from service.
    4. If an initial test on an "idle" fixture shows an elevated level, a second testing date is scheduled within 10-15 days of the initial test.
    5. Once the follow-up test results are completed, any fixture with a sustained level above 15 ppb will remain out of service and scheduled for immediate replacement.  Any fixture with a new level of below 15 ppb is returned to temporary service and placed on a schedule for replacement. Going forward RPS will remediate where results are 5 ppb or above.
    6. Non-drinking sinks will be tested every 3 years.

    The Steps RPS Has Taken

    Richmond Public Schools is currently in compliance with the water testing legislation and holds a more rigorous threshold of prohibiting the level of 15 ppb instead of the required 20 ppb.  The EPA protocol also requires school divisions to test only drinking fountains; RPS is testing both drinking fountains and sinks. 

    Although there is no requirement to test buildings constructed after 1986, RPS has conducted water testing at 49 school sites including 23 with high priority buildings built before 1986.  Additionally, $1 million dollars in remediation funding provided by The Richmond City Council enabled RPS to replace all drinking fountains, sinks and fixtures with elevated levels by the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

    As for the 2019-2020 school year, all fixtures with elevated levels are scheduled to be replaced.

    Next Steps

    The next steps in this process is continual monitoring and testing. Below are results to the water testing schedule as well as recent results for individual schools.
    The two databases reflect draft data, and changes of finalized data are to come and/or the changes have already been addressed.  For more information on the particulars, please contact the Department of Facilities.
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School Year 2019-2020 Lead In Water Sampling Results A-M

  • All
  • Albert Hill Middle School
  • Amelia Street School
  • Armstrong High School
  • Bellevue Elementary School
  • Binford Middle School
  • Blackwell Elementary School
  • Blackwell Preschool Learning Center
  • Chimborazo Elementary School
  • E.S.H. Greene Elementary School
  • Elizabeth Redd Elementary School
  • Elkhardt-Thompson Middle School
  • Fairfield Court Elementary School
  • Franklin Military Academy
  • G. H. Reid Elementary School
  • G.W. Carver Elementary School
  • George Mason Elementary School
  • George Wythe High School
  • Ginter Park Elementary School
  • Henderson Middle School
  • J. L. Francis Elementary School
  • J.B. Fisher Elementary School
  • JEB Stuart/Barack Obama ES
  • John B. Cary Elementary School
  • John Marshall High School
  • Linwood Holton Elementary School
  • Lucille Brown Middle School
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. PLC
  • Mary Munford Elementary School
  • Mary Scott Regional PLC
  • Math Science Innovation Ctr
  • Maymont Preschool Learning Center
  • Miles Jones Elementary School

School Year 2019-2020 Lead In Water Sampling Results M-Z

  • All
  • Oak Grove/Bellemeade Elementary School
  • Open High School
  • Overby-Sheppard Elementary
  • Richmond Adult Technical Center
  • Richmond Alternative HS
  • Richmond Community School
  • Richmond Technical Center
  • Southampton Elementary School
  • Summer Hill PLC
  • Swansboro Elementary School
  • Thomas Boushall Middle School
  • Thomas Jefferson High School
  • Westover Hills Elementary School
  • William Fox Elementary School
  • Woodville Elementary School