Attendance Procedures

  • Fairfield Attendance Policy:

    Daily and On time attendance is required. It is THE LAW!!

    Parents are allowed five (5) parent excused notes for the year. After the five parental notes medical documentation must be submitted to verify the absence.

    If students accumulate five unexcused absences at any point in the school year they will be considered truant and parents will be contacted by RPS school district (Truancy Department).

    If students accumulate six unexcused days they will have to attend an invited attendance meeting at Fairfield Court with the Attendance Team

    If students accumulate ten unexcused absences they will be in violation of the Virginia State Attendance Law and the parent will be cited with a Failure to Send Letter with the outcome to be determined in Court. Likewise their Housing can be affected per the policies of Richmond Redevelopment Housing Authority (RRHA), if applicable.  

    Absent Day(s)

    If your student is going to be absent on any given day call the school on that day and send a written note with your child on the day the student report’s back to school.

    On the note please write: child’s name, teacher’s name, date the note is being written, date of absence, reason for the absence. Accompany the note with any medical, dental, family emergency or death in family documentation that may be pertinent to the absence.

    Send the note to school by your child to be given to the child’s teacher or you may come into the building in person and place it in the attendance bin on the counter in the main office.


    Students are considered tardy after 9:15am

    If the student is tardy, please come into the building with your child and sign the student in late in the Tardy Book on the front counter and write out a tardy slip for your child to be given by your child to the assigned teacher.

    Five tardies=1 absence, parents please be cautious!!


    Leave Early

    Students are considered leaving early if they leave prior to 3:45pm (end of school day)

    A consistent pattern of students who leave early will be investigated by the administration.