Instruction will be given in the area of basic plumbing tools and terminology, pipes and fittings, joining pipes and fittings including plastic, copper, galvanized, black, no-hub, cast-iron, and spigots; soldering and brazing, trade math, safety, water heaters, sewage disposal drainage, fixture building drains and single line drawings. Students will focus on residential, commercial, and industrial installation practices including cross connections, gas codes, blueprint reading, and fire sprinklers. (1st Semester - 75 Hours Total) Most classes require a minimum of 10 (ten) students for a class to be offered in the current semester. Exceptions are determined on an individual class basis.


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    Tuition/ Hours: $400/75

    Days: M/W or T/TH

    Time: 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

    Dates: January 22 - May 9