• The Spotlight is on YOU!The following RPS staff members were caught BEING GREAT! 


Ryan James
J Jones
  • Joanne Jones, Administrative Office Associate, Department of Federal Programs and Title I, 12th Floor, City Hall

    Please welcome Ms. Joanne Jones to Central Office! Ms. Jones is a 12 year veteran of RPS and worked previously at Boushall Middle School. Ms. Jones has recently become an Administrative Office Associate for the Department of Federal Programs and Title I. She greets everyone with a warm smile and always goes the extra mile to ensure quality customer service. Ms. Jones takes pride in what she does and has a strong passion for students. She is great at what she does because she cares about people! Next time you contact Title I, please congratulate and welcome Ms. Jones!

  • Deborah Dailey, Licensure Specialist, Department of Human Resources, 15th Floor, City Hall

    Ms. Deborah Dailey, Human Resources Licensure Specialist, comes to us from Hanover County Public Schools. A nineteen year veteran in HR with six years as a Licensure Specialist and Administrative Assistant, Ms. Dailey prides herself on helping teachers' understanding the licensure process and the importance of licensure renewal. When asked about her goals, she stated, “I want teachers, whether they are new to RPS or veterans, to feel comfortable throughout the process; oftentimes, teachers have a lot on their plates and the goal is to make the process an easy one.”

    Ms. Dailey hopes to provide more targeted assistance for provisionally licensed teachers. Thank you, Ms. Dailey, for exhibiting excellent customer service and for helping our district teachers, stay on track with the licensure process!

Yolanda Bullock
  • Yolanda Bullock, Office Associate, Department of Finance, 16th Floor, City Hall

    Ms. Yolanda Bullock, Administrative Office Associate, has been the welcoming face of the Office of Finance for six years. When asked why she’s so good at what she does, Ms. Bullock responded, “I genuinely like what I do! If I can help someone when they enter the doors of the Finance Department and prevent a wait while in the process, I have provided maximum customer service.” Ms. Bullock prides herself on solving problems and if she cannot assist, she researches the issue to make sure she is abreast for the next time it may be presented.

    Thanks for all that you do Ms. Bullock!

Kimberla Hunt
  • Kimberla Hunt, Director of First Impressions, Office of the Superintendent, 17th Floor, City Hall

    Ms. Kimberla Hunt is the Administrative Office Associate and Director of First Impressions for the Office of the Superintendent. A veteran of fourteen years with ten in her current role, Kimberla says she ultimately enjoys her job because she is a 'people person.' “It is important that everyone that enters the door of the Superintendent’s Office is treated warmly and attentively, but most importantly with a smile; it’s easy to smile when you love what you do.”

    Thank you Ms. Hunt!

Renee Carter
  • Renee Carter, Administrative Office Associate, Communications and Media Relations, 14th Floor, City Hall

    “I care about the children and the image of Richmond Public Schools,” Administrative Office Associate, Renee Carter stated when asked why she is so good at what she does. “Working in this role means giving it 110% every time, so even if I fall short, I’m still at no less than 100%!” Ms. Carter shared that her mission is to change the negative perception of RPS so she strives to capture every positive moment she can through the Office of Communications and Media Relations in pictures, video or via the RPS social media page. We see you Renee and appreciate all that you continue to do for the children and employees of RPS!