Patricia Green, Mary Munford Elementary Instructional Assistant

  • Patricia Green, Mary Munford Elementary School Instructional Assistant, reads to a class.

    Patricia Green, Mary Munford Elementary Instructional Assistant, reads to a class.

    Patricia Green is the model of a lifelong learner. With a mind full of questions and a heart full of love, she makes discoveries all around her everyday- and as an Instructional Assistant at Mary Munford Elementary School, she teaches her students follow suit.

    When she was in the third grade at Carver Elementary School, Green drew the assignment of being the teacher’s assistant. After seeing her teacher up close–and how she had classroom helpers– she thought the job of a teacher seemed great. After advancing through Carver and Graves Junior High, and graduating from Maggie L. Walker High School, and then Virginia Union with her teaching degree, she began teaching first grade at Marymount Elementary School for RPS.

    But when Green left the job for a time to tend to family, her teaching license lapsed. Once it was time to go back to work, she decided to move to a younger age range.

    “I spent about 13 years in daycare with the precious babies,” she said. While there, she developed a junior academy to prepare students for kindergarten. “I found a copy of the SOLs, and used it as my guide for what to teach.”

    She eventually moved back to the elementary school setting, as an Instructional Assistant. She has now served for 9 years at Mary Munford, and supported instruction at every grade level and many different exceptional education delivery strategies.

    “She is always really upbeat and positive,” said Greg Muzik, Principal of Mary Munford Elementary School. “Anything you ask her to do, she’ll do it. She loves the kids, loves the staff and loves what she does.”

    She’s not afraid to have some fun while she’s in the trenches, either.Patricia Green

    “I enjoy kids...probably because I’m just a big kid myself,” she joked. “When they’re young, they’re like little sponges, they just soak up everything...With 3rd through 5th grade, you’ve got to dramatize it all, and pull it out of them."

    But the kids aren’t the only ones learning.

    “I learn from every teacher in this building,” she said of her colleagues, listing off a half-dozen educators and the subjects and strategies she’s learned from each.

    That’s typical for Green, whose glass-is-half-full perspective seems to always lead her to see the beauty and the opportunity around her in any situation. That’s also true of how she sees school these days as well.

    “When I was in elementary school, it was all about the routine,” she said, “and if it didn’t come out of a book, you didn’t get it….Now, the children get to explore; there are lessons on the computer, and even on Skype.”

    In her spare time, Green loves reading, watching the History Channel and PBS, visiting museums (she recommends the Terra Cotta Army exhibit at VMFA), listening to all types of music, and sharing her passions as part of interest groups and societies.

    “I’ve done a little bit of everything,” Green said.

    Green has two daughters and three grandchildren, and recently moved to Chesterfield.

    At RPS, our strength is RFamily, and we thank you, Ms. Green for everything you do everyday for the students and staff at Mary Munford Elementary! #WeAreRPS